About the Braig Brothers

The Brothers

Aiky and Tales in an interview about Tulpa Tales: The Island on state television TVE Bahia (excerpt from the interview with English subtitles)
Tales Braig receiving the award for Best Short Film on behalf of the Braig Brothers at the Simmern festival. (Source: heimat-europa.com)
Aiky and Tales receiving the award for best short film at the film festival in Simmern in 2020. (Source: Rhein-Hunsrück-Zeitung)
Aiky Braig on the set of José Frazão's As Margens de Canavieiras. From left to right: Vertin Moura, Rogério Saguí, Aiky Braig, Tuna Mayer and Aline Deluna.

The Braig Brothers have been producing art and movies ever since they first had access to a camera. Over the years, the two young men have developed their multifaceted artistic vision and have won the respect and admiration of film professionals in both Brazil and Europe. They have also received awards and nominations at festivals and competitions in five countries.
Born to a Brazilian mother and a German father, the brothers have had the privilege of growing up immersed in two different cultures, having lived, studied and worked in both countries. This motivates them to create stronger intercultural ties and combine the best of two worlds in their art. Furthermore, the brothers dream of turning their town of Canavieiras, in the south of Bahia, into a cinematographic production center. A goal, to which they have already contributed with several short films and the medium-length film Tulpa Tales: The Island, which received international awards and nominations and was screened in November 2022 at the Pro-Winzkino cinema in Simmern, Germany, thus showing Canavieiras in all its cinematographic splendor to the world.
Their current project, the feature film Carlo’s Cashew Tree, scheduled for release at brazilian and international festivals in 2024, brings this goal to an even larger scale.
The creation of Braig Brothers LTDA in September 2022 was a further step to formalize their ventures in Brazil.
The brothers’ artistic style is highly symbolic, making use of expressionist photography and soundtracks that not only entertain the audience, but also carry deep meanings for their stories.

Aiky Braig

Aiky Braig is a filmmaker who was born in 2002 in Konstanz, Germany, and came to live in Canavieiras, Bahia, at the age of 10.
The son of a Brazilian mother and a German father, Aiky grew up between two cultures.
From 2020 to 2022 he studied graphic design in Mannheim. He then returned to Bahia and started a degree in Social Communication at UESC.
From an early age, he felt that he didn’t just want to be an average moviegoer. Together with his brother Tales, the Braig Brothers have produced several award-winning short films.
Aiky has been recognized as a promising young filmmaker and prodigy talent in the audiovisual arts, whether as a scriptwriter, director, cinematographer or editor.
At the age of 15, he made his first short film in which he reflected on the complexity of time. Since then, with an empathetic eye, he has approached various social themes in his films.
Canavieiras has always been the setting for Aiky’s beautiful photography. When, in 2021, director José Frazão’s team came to the city to shoot the feature film As Margens de Canavieiras, Aiky made the making of of the movie and had the opportunity to meet inspiring people. Among them was Rogério Sagui, with whom he developed a great friendship and mutual admiration.
Watching Déo Cardoso’s award-winning film Cabeça de Nego was a great new inspiration and the young director felt that there was a lot to be told and shown about the harsh reality of young people’s daily lives in a public school. This led the Braig Brothers to their current project, their first feature film: Carlo’s Cashew Tree.

Tales Braig

Tales (born 1998) has both a scientific and artistic side. The son of a Brazilian-German family, he has spent most of his life between the two countries. He moved to Canavieiras – BA in 2012 where he finished high school. After studying Nanotechnology for three semesters of at the prestigious UFRJ, Tales went to Germany to continue his university studies in Tübingen where he graduated in Nanoscience in 2020. In the same year he released Kinsormagie: Der Wandel zur Klarheit in Germany, the first book in his juvenile fantasy series, which is yet to be translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil.
In tandem with his brother Aiky, he produces films, working as a screenwriter, director, soundtrack composer and actor, even earning him prestige in form of awards and international screenings.
In 2023 Tales returned to Canavieiras to produce and direct the feature film Carlo’s Cashew Tree alongside his brother. He is already working on new screenplays for feature films and series.
Tales explores several layers of successively more complex symbolism in his stories, be it in his screenplays or in his symbolically rich soundtrack.